Sunday, March 1, 2009

DPS Weekly Assignment - Rhythm

This week's DPS assignment was Rhythm. I struggled a little at first with this topic since I didn't really get what the difference was from rhythm and just having motion the photo. I waited until some of the other online "students" posted their rhythm shots, and slowly but surely I came to understand what exactly rhythm was (or at least I think I do). My interpretation was that rhythm is not just things in your photo being in motion, but it was your photo having a flow to it. Your eyes should be able to move through the image smoothly, giving it a kind of motion.

My submission was a shot of a basket I found in my house. I know, I know... I was too lazy to venture out of the house this week. But I think the photo exhibits some rhythm. Not only is the weaving in the basket moving sideways, the pattern also draws your eyes up to the center of the basket which would be the top part of the photo.

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