Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trouble the "Sous Chef"

Image courtesy of Lucy Dog Design

Hardly! Every time I'm in the kitchen making something, Trouble is always nearby. Lenin calls him my sous chef. Problem is, he's not much help in the kitchen like the basset hound pictured above. He looks more like this when he's on the job.

I'll admit I'm kind of a messy cook/baker so there is a good chance of something hitting the floor while I'm working in there. Sunday night we had a nice weekend-style dinner, chicken salad sandwiches. Lenin loves these sandwiches and it's an easy way to use up that leftover chicken in the fridge. Of course, Trouble assumed the position, patiently waiting for some food to fall on the floor. What makes me laugh about him playing "sous chef" is that he doesn't cry, begging for a little taste; it's that he just hangs out quietly. The second I look at him, his tail starts wagging uncontrollably. I can see it in his eyes, "Is she going to throw me some food?" I look away, his tail calms down, and he goes back to quietly hanging out....until I make eye contact again. But then I look his way once more, and he gives me these sad looks.

How can I resist that cutie! He sat there waiting on me for 30 minutes and his patience paid off since he got a little piece of chicken. Funny thing is that when a small piece of celery fell to the floor, he sniffed it and just left it there. Guess he's not a veggie kind of guy.

On another note, if you have a chance check out the super cute doggie art by Lucy Dog Design. Her specialty is poodles, but there is art of all different breeds including the image of the Sous Chef above.

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  1. Trouble is so cute! Perla is my sous chef too lol