Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week in Review

Well another week has gone by and I've tried to get as many pictures as I can. I walked around Downtown again during lunch, but I think I've seen everything there is to see there and take pictures of. I may try to hit up Bayside once more next week. Over the weekend I also ventured out into the Miami Lakes Main Street area and also stopped by Graham Park, where I took my engagement pictures last year. Here are some photos from the past week. Enjoy!

U.S. Federal Courthouse in Downtown Miami. I remember when this thing was being built. I thought it was the coolest looking courthouse I had seen.

To be honest, I have no idea what this old building is. It's located directly across from the American Airlines Arena. I loved its look so I took a couple photos. If anyone knows what this place is, it would be great to find out.

No, that "PERU" hasn't been photoshopped into the picture. If I could give an award for "Random Object of the Week," this would be the winner. I came across this shopping cart at the Riverwalk Metromover station. I found this so funny since my family is Peruvian.

This is the same station where I saw the shopping cart. I was messing with the contrast on the photo and thought this came out pretty cool. I wish it wasn't so cloudy so the sky would have come out bluer.

Graham Park in Miami Lakes. This park is so simple, yet so beautiful. As I mentioned, my engagement pictures were done here. Definitely a nice place for a picnic or to take your dog out to run around.

These little guys were enjoying the beautiful afternoon at Graham Park too!
Main Street Miami Lakes
Lenin and I went to a Greek festival on Saturday and had some amazing food. It was too crowded to be snapping photos but I did take this picture inside the church where the festival was held. I'm always amazed by these colored windows.

Some of the flower shots for the week!

Trouble is always nosy and sticking his big nose where it doesn't belong!

This little farm area is located in Miami Lakes. I hope these guys won't be eaten later on at one of the nearby restaurants!

A plant I came across in Downtown. The leaves had some nice colors.


  1. The second and third pictures are of the Freedom Tower...such a gorgeous building. I love the flower pictures.

  2. It's funny...after posting the photo and asking the question, I realized the next day that there was a Metromover stop there called Freedom Tower. Duh! Thanks Steph!