Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coral Gables, Part 1

I love the Coral Gables area. If it wasn't so expensive, I would live there. There are so many beautiful, old looking houses and I just love how you drive down the streets with trees hanging over it. It's a nice area just to drive through on a lazy day. When I was in college at the University of Miami, I loved taking the back roads through the neighborhood and looking at the scenery. There are so many pretty sites to see, but this post focuses on two particular areas of Coral Gables which are my favorite sites.

There is a spot located at the corner of SW 57 Ave. and SW 8 St. which is affectionately referred to as the "Coral Gables Ruins." I call it the Coral Gables "fountain." You cannot drive past this spot on a weekend day without seeing a blushing bride, a happily engaged couple, or a beautiful quinceanera having pictures taken there. I even wanted to have my wedding ceremony there at one time, but then realized it might not be so classy having a strip club on the opposite side of 8th Street and parking could also be an issue in this area. Nevertheless, this would have to be my favorite spot in Coral Gables and I think the pictures will make you agree.

Another spot I like is the Granada Boulevard roundabout. I would always use this landmark as a point of reference when driving around in Coral Gables. From this intersection you can access the Biltmore Hotel and Venetian Pools (don't worry, those photos will soon come). I never really paid attention though to how beautiful and detailed it actually is until I pulled over to take this shot. I now realize after saying how beautiful the detailing is, I should get a closer shot for the next time so it can be truly appreciated.


  1. I love Coral Gables. I hope to live there some day :)

  2. I love these photos. Coral Gables has a lot of beautiful places to photogragh. I just finished taking some photos of the ruins and would love to repeat that experience again. There are so many angles for you to play with. These photos are amazing...congratulations!!!!

  3. i was born in coral gables in 1954. i've lived here in oklahoma city for 11 years and miss south florida terribly. i really really appreciate these pictures...

    if you go down old cutler road to the girl scout camp forest, there are many beautiful and interesting spots there. one is a huge tree that has a small concrete and brick platform in front of it. another is a small cave-like hole beneath an old pile of coral rock boulders that have trees and foliage overgrown them. and so on.