Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week in Review

Or maybe this post would be better titled "I stink." This week I really slacked on the photographs for various reasons. One being I just didn't feel motivated this week. I read about photography online and check out various blogs and Flickr pages, and I see all these cool photos that people take. I swear these people must have no full-time job. During the week, I'm really only limited to taking shots of areas in Downtown while on my lunch break; and to be honest, I'm tired of that area and want to move on. Since I usually get home from work by the time it's dark and I have some wifely duties like dinner to attend too, nighttime photography is out. That pretty much only leaves the weekend to get things done. But again, this weekend I just wasn't feeling it. My little sister, Nicole, had her 5th birthday party on Saturday. What a cute party, Strawberry Shortcake theme. I took a some photos, but nothing really "artistic."

If you are wondering about the graininess of the photo, that's due to the higher ISO setting (400). I set the camera to that since I had read that you use higher ISO in lower light. I think next house party I may skip the higher ISO for a shot like this. Don't really care for the grainy people.

So the party was my excuse for not working on any photo challenges or just taking the camera out to explore on Saturday. But that party only lasted 4 hours (6 if you count the time I spent helping set-up). Here is the true culprit for me being a bum....

I read an article in the Miami New Times not long ago about people who I guess you could call "closet geeks." The article basically talked about how your normal looking nurse could secretly be a Star Wars fan who dresses like a Storm Trooper on the weekends. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I fit into that "closet geek" category. That little lady pictured above is Adaia, my level 80 priest in the game World of Warcraft. Now anyone who plays an online role playing game can attest to how much time people unknowingly spend on these games. Well for the past two weeks, Lenin and I (duh, of course he plays; how else did you think I got into this thing!) have been locked up in our house trying to max out our players to the next highest level in the game. You sit down to play this thing and suddenly three hours have gone by. It's sad. I'm hoping that since we have finally reached level 80, I won't be couped up in the house so much; hence, more time (and hopefully more motivation) to go out and take photos.

I did at least get my weekly flower shot while at Nicole's party.

Hopefully, this upcoming week I have more motivation to take photos. What do you do to get motivated? Where do you find that artistic inspiration in normal everyday life?

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