Saturday, March 14, 2009

Journey to Hialeah

At the risk of offending past or present Hialeah residents, I would just like to say that Hialeah drives me crazy. Other South Florida drivers may agree with me on that too! This has to be the one city in South Florida, maybe in the whole country, where Mapquest directions don't apply. Maybe it makes sense to people who actually live in the Hialeah area, but I don't understand how streets suddenly become avenues and how one street can be both W 49th Street and NW 103 Street. Lenin told me a story once where he Mapquested some directions to a home in Hialeah. When he arrived at the destination, he was told by the resident that the address he was looking for was actually on the other side of town. Nuts!

I usually take public transportation to get to work; but sometimes I drive in. I avoid the major expressways like the Palmetto and I-95 on the drive home and pass through Hialeah instead. Thank God I only have to use main roads so there is no fear of getting lost. Now, Hialeah is not my favorite city, but there are two sites that I always enjoy on that drive home, the big structure known as the "Entrance to Hialeah" and the Hialeah Water Plant. The entrance is so pretty and I love the old look of the plant.

Nope that's not a painting. That's a shot I took with some editing done. Cool, huh?

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  1. Very cool...these are amazing!!! What a great the editing on the first photograph, it looks so beautiful. Congratulations!!!!