Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soccer is in my blood

Soccer was always such a huge part of my life. It helps define who I am. See Exhibit A:

Photo courtesy of Loly Pix Photography

It really is. If there exists a soccer gene, I inherited it from my father. I probably started kicking the ball around the age of 4, maybe even before then but I'm basing this on a picture I have seen of me and my brother running around with a ball. I played on my first team, Domino's Pizza, when I was 5. As a child I experimented with many other activities like cheerleading (eek!), softball, fake ice skating on the slippery kitchen floor...but soccer was always a constant. I have to thank my dad for passing on his love and passion for the game. All of those games and tournament trips really made my childhood special and I hope I can give that to my children one day. (Thanks Dad!) Maybe my kids won't like soccer, but I at least hope they have sports in their lives.

With my recent slacking and the time change throwing me off, I completely forgot the deadline for the weekly DPS, which this week was "Self Portrait." I didn't get to post my submission in time, but I still participated. The assignment explained that the self portrait did not have to necessarily be a full length self portrait or even a shot revealing your face. I chose to incorporate the soccer theme for this assignment. Yeah, I may not play soccer as often as I used to (that's what happens when you become a working adult) and I may only catch a game on TV here and there, but it will always be a part of me.

My Self Portrait

A few other shots I took at a park in Miami Lakes that Lenin and I sometimes kick the ball around at; who knows, maybe with this crummy time change we may get back into it.


  1. HA!!! love the photograph of the bride with a soccer ball! That is funny! Thanks for sharing. Keep on clickin'.