Monday, March 23, 2009

I Actually Won!

I participate in two photography challenges on a somewhat regular basis, the DPS weekly assignments and the flickr group BDPC, Beginner Digital Photography Challenge. The way this flickr group works is challenges are posted and depending on the type of challenge 3-6 photos are submitted. Voting begins and the first person to reach 6 votes wins. I kinda got out of the routine of participating in these challenges because 1) I didn't have any photos which fit the themes chosen, and 2) I simply got discouraged not winning anything. There was a mini challenge I came across last night themed "Bling!". The other two submissions were shots of engagement rings, so I went along with that underlying theme and submitted the following photo of our wedding rings. You may remember it from a previous post on this blog.

Amazingly enough, I won! No, I don't get a prize or anything; but it's still exciting! What winning any of this group's challenges basically means I get to add this photo to the group pool and I get to choose the theme for the next mini challenge, which I cannot participate in since I'm the previous winner. I decided on "Smoke" for the next mini challenge theme. I initially considered "Sleep", probably because I am a bit tired today, but I noticed that was a challenge not too long ago. I hope the participants have fun with my theme.


  1. Congrats indeed! I too am just getting into the world of photography. I have enjoyed it in the past but am now trying to take it more seriously. Just joined both the DPS and Flickr group before stumbling upon your blog. So there is hope of winning one day!