Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Card - A Follow-Up

So as mentioned in my previous post, I participated in Shutterfly's blogger promotion for holiday cards. Ever since I got that wonderful email stating "Exciting news: A bright-orange Shutterfly package is on its way, with unbelievable memories inside," I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my holiday cards.  

I was so excited to come home today and find my Shutterfly package waiting for me at the door. I absolutely love these bright orange boxes because they are always filled with something that will instantly make me smile.  And the contents of today's package were no different. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our holiday cards! They came out so nice and the quality of the stationary cards is superb. 

Getting our photos done was a bit of a mission. With no budget for professional photos, I decided to put our camera's timer function to the test. Before even taking the photos, I had to spend some time getting the camera set at the proper angle and height to capture all of us in the frame. I ended up with the camera set on top of Nicolas' wrapped Christmas gift, which was set on top of our living room end table. To hold the camera steady at the right angle, I propped up the front of it with one of the baby's bibs! My concoction looked like something out of a cartoon. But once that was set up, it was on to the second difficult part of our photo mission..... getting Nicolas to look at the camera. At first, he wouldn't stop looking down at the dog, who was watching the little production taking place in his home. So, we had to put the dog away in one of the bedrooms to remove that distraction...which still didn't work since Nicolas just refused to look in the direction of the camera. To finally get him to look up at the camera, I had to shake one of his toys in front of him and then throw it in the direction of the camera right before the picture was taken. It took several shots, but we finally got one! The individual pictures of Mommy and Daddy with the baby were easy since someone was on the other end of the camera making silly faces and noises. 

We actually wanted to include our dog in the photo as well, but we decided that it would be impossible to get the cooperation of both of them. Maybe next year.

I'm so excited to send out our beautiful cards and I have already addressed all the envelopes. After my trip to the post office tomorrow, they will be on their way to other homes, hopefully bringing a smile to the faces of the recipients as the cards brought one to mine.