Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week in Review

I spent the past week or so taking my camera to work each day so I could take some shots around Downtown Miami during my lunch break. Hopefully starting this weekend I can head out to different locations in South Florida to get a nice variety going. Here are some of my favorite photos from the past week. Enjoy!

A co-worker's son was getting married over the past weekend, so a group of us at work chipped in for a fancy bottle of champagne for him! It was too fancy to drink.

This structure is located by the Dade County Courthouse (in the background).

This little flower was in an arrangement set-up in the building at work. How pretty!

For those of you familiar with the carousel at Bayside Marketplace. This is probably one of my favorite shots from this past week other than the Trouble one I submitted for the DPS weekly assignment.

The Hotel Intercontinental. Everyone I see this hotel I think about going to Downtown Miami with my family to see the fireworks show and the orange drop for New Year's Eve.

Dade County War Memorial in Bayfront Park. I didn't even know this little memorial existed until I started walking around downtown to take pictures.

The Torch of Friendship, which is dedicated in memory of JFK. The first time I found out about this torch was when I attended the Obama rally in Bicentennial Park in October.

The marina at Bayside Marketplace

This fountain, I guess you could call it a fountain, is located in Bayfront Park.

Bank of America tower. For those of you not familiar with this building, it lights up different colors each night. So when the Miami Heat are playing it's all red. At Christmas time, they put snowflakes on it and light it up in blue. It looks very cool from a distance. I took this shot from one of the Metromover stations.

If anyone has any suggestions of some good locations I should check out, let me know!

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  1. Great pictures! I love the orchid one. I think you should go to the Spanish Monastery; I bet you'd get some great shots there. Maybe even where you took your engagement pictures