Friday, February 20, 2009

My Books Are In!!

This is a short post, but I was excited and wanted to share. I had been looking around online for any photography book that was, most importantly, cheap and had some good reviews. Someone on The Nest crafts board recommended Scott Kelby's "The Digital Photography Book" as a good guide for any beginning photographer. I researched it online and it seemed to have a lot of good reviews, so I figured why not. I was able to find a boxed set with free shipping on for $26. Here they are!

Now after doing a brief review of the two volumes, I will admit these books require you to have some basic knowledge about photography. It's not like a school book where you'll get some definitions of what things like aperture are. What is good about these books though is that you are given the tricks of the trade. It provides excellent tips for anything from shooting flower close-ups to large landscapes to wedding portraits. I may try to research more photography books and use these two as a supplement. Just in the last week of shooting, I have noticed what affects some of the manual features have on a shot; but I think I still loosely grasp things. Once I get through reading these two books, I will post a little review.

If anyone has any suggestions for some books I can check out, let me know! I'm trying to learn photography the cheapest way I can, which means avoiding a formal class for now.

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