Saturday, February 21, 2009

BDPC: Theme - Jewelry

I came across the Flickr group Beginner Digital Photography Challenge last night. What's great about this group is there seems to be photo challenges opened every few hours! You basically get to submit photos to any of the open challenges and then vote on the winner. The winner then gets to create a new challenge for everyone to participate in. I submitted my previous photo of Bayfront Park for the "Hometown" challenge, and here is my submission for the "Jewelry" challenge. Let's see if I win!

Now back in November, I never got a photo taken with all the rings at my wedding. I forgot to hand the photographer my engagement ring! So here's my attempt to get that shot. I thought the photo of the hair clip was better for the contest. I asked my husband, Lenin, his opinion and he chose the hair clip photo too.

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