Thursday, February 12, 2009

DPS Weekly Assignment - Rule of Thirds

In my effort to practice my photography skills, I've been looking into forums and blogs that offer little contests. This is my first week participating in Digital Photography School's weekly assignments; the theme, "Rule of Thirds." Hopefully, I can keep up with them and submit photos each week. For my subject, I chose the cutest thing I could think bassett hound Trouble. My husband bought Trouble for me when he was just a puppy, and now almost 4 years later he has become our first son. Bassett hounds have to be the most lovable dogs, and as much of a pain as he can be sometimes it's photos like these that keep him around.

Don't forget to check out what the other photographers submitted. I don't think mine is the best, but it's definitely one of the cutest!


  1. Hi Sis!!!! You can take pictures of my hot body if you'd like!!!!!!!!!!!1 lol that's right, turn to the left, turn to the right, show a little cleavage and bammmmmm you got a hot shot!!!!

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